2017 St. Patrick’s Cup Champions

19 Mar 2017


Lowcountry United claimed the inaugural 2017 St. Patrick’s Cup on 3/19/2017 against the Savannah Clovers. United took the win with a 6 – 0 victory over the Clovers at Floyd E. Morris Stadium.

This tournament was a joint effort by both clubs to showcase their clubs and players in an effort to highlight the grassroots efforts of both clubs to bring semi-professional soccer into their respective communities. This event showcased how two clubs could work together to help progress the sport in the southeast, provide an entertaining and competitive atmosphere while also encouraging a healthy rivalry to be built between both the two cities and clubs.

The event was marked by the support of Non League America which is a leading force behind supporting lower league soccer and the grassroots movement of local soccer clubs building themselves to benefit their communities.
The event received a lot of local press from the Savannah local news stations like WSAV and also local newspapers such as DO SAVANNAH ensured that the event was highlighted in all the best ways to build support and make this event one that can build a following for being a prestigious St. Patrick’s Weekend event in the southeast.

Lowcountry United is proud to be the 1st ChampionĀ of the St. Patrick’s Day Cup and our club looks forward to defending thisĀ title in 2018 at the next tournament.