Daniel Rothamel Named Director of Communications

17 Sep 2018

Lowcountry United is excited to officially announce the appointment of Daniel Rothamel as our new Director of Communications. You may be familiar with Daniel from the podcast he founded The Supporters Show in which he celebrates the people who celebrate the beautiful game, in addition Rothamel was the play by play announcer for conference opponents C-Ville FC out of Charlottesville VA.

Rothamel will most importantly be the voice of Lowcountry United. Beginning for the spring 2019 United Premier Soccer League season Rothamel will be heard live on game day as the official game day announcer. Daniel will be actively involved with the creation & growth of the overall game day experience by providing a top quality live stream of all United home games. In addition Daniel will work to help bring new content such as pre-match coach press conferences, post-match reactions, player discussions, weekly player check ins, & so much more new and exciting media content.

“I’m excited for this announcement & to be able to welcome Daniel to the executive management team of Lowcountry United. Daniel brings years of radio industry experience & a wealth of applicable knowledge to the club, having him in this communications capacity will help take our game day experience to the next level. Rothamel is a man that gets it, I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with him over last year and throughout all our conversations I have no question that Daniel is the right man to bring on board. I look forward to the future of this club & with our new Director of Communications in place you will be able to expect some exciting days ahead for 2019” Alan Bahadori | Executive Director of LUFC

I’m very excited to become part of what Lowcountry United is building. I look forward to helping the club become a shining example of what is possible when clubs are committed to providing opportunity with excellence.” Daniel Rothamel 

With this exciting news we look forward to everyone enjoying the wonderful game day experience that Rothamel will be providing our supporters in 2019.